Delivery E Trike

Trike Expressor
As food delivery and last-mile delivery services are on the rise, the demand for delivery vehicles is also rising. This Delivery E Trike can come with a two-in-one (heater and freezer) food delivery box. A custom design delivery box is also available if requested. The carrier platform at the back not only makes it easier for the rider to carry, but also makes sure the delivered goods remain stable throughout the ride. A differential gear system equipped on the two rear wheels keeps the wheels on the ground even during the turns.
  • Delivery E Trike - Trike Expressor
Delivery E Trike - Trike Expressor Delivery E Trike - Trike Expressor
Besides METRONEER e-bikes, we also create bikes and trikes for custom branding to support business.

Trike-Expressor can be activated either by a throttle or by a pedal. Check out the Trike-Expressor (moped version) here.

If your region doesn’t allow throttle bikes, check out this page for pedal-assisted version of Trike-Expressor.

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Delivery E Trike

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