Electric City Bike

Sharing all the features of EC-1.0, this Electric City Bike has a battery that is otherwise placed beside the seat tube to stabilize the ride.
  • Electric City Bike - EC-2.0
We provide custom branding with the EC series, solely composed of step-through city bikes for daily use. You will find this series of bikes equipped with everything you need.

EC-2.0 has all the features of EC-1.0, except for the following,
[Seat tube battery] Different from EC-1.0’s rear rack battery, EC-2.0’s battery is on the seat tube.

EC-2.0 Plus Upgrades
[Comfort riding] To fit riders of any type, this bike has an adjustable stem allowing riders to adjust the height of the handlebars based on their preference. And with a suspension fork installed, EC-2.0 Plus helps you glide smoothly over unpaved surfaces.

[Mechanical disc brakes] Mechanical disc brakes have quality braking performance, which is key to safely riding pedal-assist e-bikes.

EC-2.0 Supreme Upgrades
Supreme has a mid-drive motor system, which has higher sensitivity toward forces. Also, equipped with a hydraulic disc brake makes the braking stronger and longer-lasting compared to mechanical disc brakes.

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Electric City Bike

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