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EX 1.0 Race
Looking to experience more challenges with your Cross Electric Bike? The EX-1.0 Race has some upgrades to overcome the hardest obstacles, which includes a 80 NM mid-drive motor for more powerful climbing, a 10-speed gear, and hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Cross Electric Bike - EX 1.0 Race
Based on the features of EX-1.0 Comp, Race has the following upgrades.

[Mid-drive motor system] EX-1.0 Race is a premium version of Comp. With a mid-drive motor, this crossway e-bike generates much more power than the others with a hub motor.

[10-speed Shimano derailluer] Race upgrades your derailleurs from a 9-speed Acera to a 10 speed Alivio rear derailleur.

[Hydraulic disc brakes] Instead of using mechanical disc brakes as Comp, hydraulic disc brakes is a lot more responsive and stable.

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