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Trike Expressor
As food delivery and last-mile delivery services are on the rise, the demand for delivery vehicles is also rising. This Delivery Trike is made to improve the delivery experience and the quality of delivered goods. We lift the burden from riders’ backs by installing a rear carrier on the trike, so that delivery drivers can feel at ease while carrying loads of goods.
  • Delivery Trike - Trike Expressor
Delivery Trike - Trike Expressor Delivery Trike - Trike Expressor
Both Plus and Supreme models are pedal-assisted e-trikes, while Plus has a hub motor and a 9-speed derailleur, and Supreme has a mid-drive motor and a 3-speed internal gear.
In some countries where mopeds are allowed, you may consider the moped version to increase the efficiency of your delivery.

[Powered delivery box available] Unlike any normal delivery box, the one installed on the rear carrier of the Trike-Expressor has a thermal compartment and a refrigerator compartment which are both powered by one compressor system. It keeps foods as warm and beverages as cold as they were until each delivery reaches the customer even after traveling for quite some time and distance. To meet the needs of delivery services of any kind, we also allow customization of the delivery box other than the thermal/refrigerator box.

[Differential gear for balanced rides] The differential gear between the two rear wheels prevents the box from tilting sideways as the rider steers and turns and therefore secures the foods to their positions.

We are strongly capable of dealing with the technical details in the production of the

Delivery Trike

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