Electric Gravel Bicycle

EG-1.0 Pro
If you have unlimited budget, just go with the Premium version! This Electric Gravel Bicycle, EG-1.0 Pro has further upgrades from EG-1.0 Race with more powerful mid-drive motor, detachable battery, hydralic disc brakes and a 11-speed derailleur.
  • Electric Gravel Bicycle - EG-1.0 Pro
Electric Gravel Bicycle - EG-1.0 Pro Electric Gravel Bicycle - EG-1.0 Pro Electric Gravel Bicycle - EG-1.0 Pro
Want to own a bike with all the best parts and accessories for your e-gravel bike? Try EG-1.0 Pro for a Premium experience for METRONEER gravel bikes.

[Mid-drive motor system] If you think the rear hub isn’t powerful enough to support steep hill climbs, a mid-drive motor is a go-to solution for improving stability, balance, and the response time of your pedaling forces.

[Hydraulic disc brakes] As EG-1.0 Pro has a mid-drive motor that generates bigger power, it is certain to have more forceful braking as well. That’s why using hydraulic disc brakes is one of the essential upgrades of this e-gravel bike.

[11-speed derailleur] With an 11-speed derailleur, EG-1.0 Pro is simply unbeatable for its capability for challenging rides compared to the basic version.

[Tubeless ready rims] The riding experience can never be nicer. The rims allow you to use tubeless tires to improve tire traction off-road. You can enjoy your ride on unpaved roads without catching a flat tire.

[Detachable battery] With a detachable battery fully integrated into the down tube, bring your battery anywhere for a recharge to keep your e-bike constantly filled with power.

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Electric Gravel Bicycle

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