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While EC-1.0 looks like every regular bike that caters to all your basic needs, the motor assist system of this City Ebike just makes your ride in the city even more convenient and enjoyable.
  • City Ebike - EC-1.0
We provide custom branding with the EC series, solely composed of step-through city bikes for daily use. You will find this series of bikes equipped with everything you need.

[Step-through frame] Step-through frame allows riders to get on and off at ease.

[Detachable rear rack battery] With the EC-1.0 detachable 487Wh battery installed under the bike's rear rack, you can recharge the battery anytime possible.

[Neat and elegant] We understand the inconvenience of riding bikes with your pants rolled up. EC-1.0’s chain cover is installed to keep your dresses and pant leg from greasy stains.

[Rear-drive motor system] The 36V250W rear-drive motor with a torque sensor is made to be highly sensitive to forces driven by the rider to the pedal, taking the performance of a hub motor e-bike to the next level.

[Equipped with accessories] EC-1.0 is equipped with all the accessories you will need for city cycling - a bell, a head and tail light set, a pair of mudguards, a rear rack, and a bike lock.

EC-1.0 Plus Upgrades
[Comfort riding] To fit riders of any type, this bike has an adjustable stem allowing riders to adjust the height of the handlebars based on their preference. And with a suspension fork installed, EC-1.0 Plus helps you glide smoothly over unpaved surfaces.

[Mechanical disc brakes] Mechanical disc brakes have quality braking performance, which is key to safely riding pedal-assist e-bikes.

EC-1.0 Supreme Upgrades
Supreme has a mid-drive motor system, which has higher sensitivity toward forces. Also, equipped with a hydraulic disc brake makes the braking stronger and longer-lasting compared to mechanical disc brakes.

Check out the EC-2.0 with the same specifications except for a seat tube battery.

Among the professional design agencies in the bicycle industry, we are one of the most reputable. We can provide a range of bikes of different styles, sizes, and materials, that are high quality and priced fairly. We welcome you to inquire about our

City Ebike

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