Freezer Moped

Trike Porter (Moped Ver.)
As food delivery and last-mile delivery services are on the rise, the demand for delivery vehicles is also rising. Trike Porter can transport any kind of refrigerated goods from suburban areas to downtown locations such as supermarkets, bakeries, steak houses, etc, with multiple stops along the way to unload goods. The moped version of this Freezer Moped is also an option for some regions.
  • Freezer Moped - Trike Porter (Moped Ver.)
Trike-Porter is designed to support last-mile deliveries ranging from 10 to 30 miles. Different from most petrol vehicles for cold-chain logistics, Trike-Porter has a lower carbon footprint, smaller in size while supporting long travel distances.

Given the weight pressure the cargo might put on the trike, the pedal-assist power system might not be as effective as it should be. As a result, for some countries where mopeds are allowed, we also offer a throttle version to help increase the efficiency for businesses.

For the pedal-assisted version of Trike-Porter check out here for more information.

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