Delivery Moped

Trike Expressor (Moped Ver.)
The moped version of Trike Expressor is also an option for some regions. This Delivery Moped is made to improve the delivery experience and the quality of delivered goods. With a rear carrier installed between the two rear wheels of the trike, delivery riders no longer have to carry a bag on their backs while delivering goods by bike and can also deliver more goods at a time.
  • Delivery Moped - Trike Expressor (Moped Ver.)
Delivery Moped - Trike Expressor (Moped Ver.) Delivery Moped - Trike Expressor (Moped Ver.)
[Pedal-free moped] Trike-Expressor is powered by a hub motor but can be driven solely by activating the throttle.
If your region doesn’t allow throttle bikes, the Plus and Supreme version which meets the standards of pedal-assist e-bikes could be your option as well. For detailed information on the mopeds with a pedal-assist system, please refer to E-Mover Plus or E-mover Supreme.

[Powered delivery box available] Unlike any normal food delivery box, the one we developed for the Trike-Expressor has a thermal compartment and a refrigerator compartment which are both powered by one compressor system. It keeps foods as warm and beverages as cold as they were until each delivery reaches the customer.  To meet the needs of delivery services of any kind, we also allow customization of the delivery box other than the thermal/refrigerator box.

[Differential gear for balanced rides] We understand how important it is for customers to receive their food or packages undamaged during the delivery process. That’s why the differential gear installed between the two rear wheels allows the goods to be secured in place so much better.

For countries/regions where pedal-free mopeds are not allowed on e-bikes, we also offer Trike Expressor Plus and Supreme as an option. Check here for detailed features.

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