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We are still seeing great demand for Electric Moped in multiple regions for different purposes, that's why we developed the E Mover series, equipped with electric motors, for urban use.
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Electric Moped - E Mover Electric Moped - E Mover
In hot and humid tropical and subtropical places, scooters are a more common means of transportation instead of regular bikes or e-bikes. However, as the planet Earth is subjected to global warming, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases has been a critical issue.

For the sake of a greener environment, METRONEER’s E-Mover is built for countries or regions where a pedal-free moped is commonly known as an option for urban mobility.

[Pedal-free moped with a throttle] E-mover isn’t equipped with a chain drive system. Instead, a throttle that connects to the powerful 48V500W rear hub motor supports you to ride on steep hills, reaching a speed of 45 km/hr.

[Travel further and safer] As a pedal-free moped, long-lasting power is considered a must. E-mover has a patented battery integrated frame, not only making the moped fancier but reducing the frequency of recharging. Given E-mover’s higher speed limit, thru-axles are installed for safety and better stability.
We understand the need for large battery capacity on mopeds, especially in mountainous terrains and tropical climates. That is why the E Mover has dual battery sockets in the frame tube. If you are interested in this

Electric Moped

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