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Trike Porter
Trike Porter, a Logistics Tricycle, is designed for logistics businesses. It is meant to support last-mile delivery with little carbon emissions compared to gasoline engine vehicles.
With two independant power system, you can use it for cold-chain logistics and keep the container temperature stable. Unlike engined vehicles, you need not worry about the quality of refrigerated goods while the vehicle stops or during low speed - which is also a merit when it comes to bad traffic.
  • Logistics Tricycle - Trike Porter
Besides METRONEER e-bikes, we also create bikes and trikes for custom branding to support businesses.

Trike-Porter is a breakthrough in transportation measures for cold-chain logistics. It is designed to support last-mile delivery from 10 to 30 miles. It can transport any kind of refrigerated goods from storage in suburban areas to downtown locations such as supermarkets, bakeries, steak houses, etc, with multiple stops along the way to unload goods.

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Logistics Tricycle

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