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As food delivery and last-mile delivery services are on the rise, the demand for delivery vehicles is also rising. Equipped with a freezer that can last for hours, this Vending E Trike is not like any ice cream bike you would see in the market.
  • Vending E Trike - Trike Vendor
Besides METRONEER e-bikes, we also create bikes and trikes for custom branding to support business. With high efficient refrigent system, Trike-Vendor is built to support street vendors selling cold beverages or icecream on the move for long hours.

Trike-Vendor provides vendors greater freedom and more possibilities to expand businesses by extending selling locations and improving refrigeration quality. It is achieved with the high efficient E-compressor used for the refrigerator and the electric motor for cargo trikes that allows vendors to increase sales by riding anywhere at any time. Two individual power systems for the cargo trike motor and the refrigerator compressor make it possible for the refrigerator to work for up to 6 hours, allowing vendors to swiftly move from one location to another constantly during the day.

To learn more about Trike-Vendor for business use check out this page.

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