E Urban Bike

We believe riders, regardless of size, deserve to ride a small-wheel bike with style. With all the identical features of the EU-1.0, the EU-1.5 E Urban Bike is the small-wheel e-bike that can complement your outfit.
  • E Urban Bike - EU-1.5
E Urban Bike - EU-1.5 E Urban Bike - EU-1.5 E Urban Bike - EU-1.5
[Compact and portable] You probably don’t fancy EU-1.0’s low stand-over height frame, that’s why we still offer a horizontal top-tube frame with EU-1.5 and EU-1.7 to meet your taste. Both EU-1.5 and EU-1.7 can easily be carried into small elevators of your apartment without the need to lift up one of the wheels.

[Longer-lasting power] The in-tube 365Wh Lith-ion battery supports at least 30 km (of steep hills) or 70 km (of flat surfaces) of mileage.

[Ride neatly and decently] No longer have to feel bothered by staining your dress or a pair of nice trousers while riding a bike, as METRONEER’s exclusive Chain Loopers protect your nice outfit from stains.

[Upgrade for a better experience] Ride your bike on more terrains with a singlespeed EU-1.5 Supreme. The much more powerful mid-drive motor system allows you to climb onto hills with the slightest effort. Hydraulic disc brakes are installed for better braking, and a suspension seat-post is for more comfort. Plus, with internal gears, you can shift the gears at a brief stop, and save you energy to start the bike. In case you need thicker tires to increase stability, EU-1.5’s rims also allow you to change the width of your tires depending on your needs.

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E Urban Bike

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