Electric Urban Bike

Are you into single-speed bikes or fixies? This Electric Urban Bike, METRONEER's EU-700 is a single-speed e-bike that can be used in multiple scenarios.
  • Electric Urban Bike - EU-700
Electric Urban Bike - EU-700 Electric Urban Bike - EU-700 Electric Urban Bike - EU-700
[A singlespeed bike with versatile uses] A fan of fixies? This e-bike version is just for you. If you have always loved the simplicity of a singlespeed bike and wish to ride it for commuting purposes, EU-700 would be a wonderful companion.

[Ride neatly and decently] No longer have to feel bothered by staining your dress or a pair of nice trousers while riding a bike, as METRONEER’s exclusive Chain Loopers protect your nice outfit from stains.

[Step-through frame available] Is "easy-to-hop-on-and-off" a feature you like to have on your bike? EU-700 offers a step-through frame option for families share the bike on different days.

[Upgrade for a better experience] With an internal 3-speed gear and mid-drive motor, EU-700 Supreme makes your singlespeed EU-700 more powerful for hill climbing. The powerful mid-drive motor system allows you to climb onto hills with the slightest effort. Plus, with internal gears, you can shift the gears at a brief stop, and save you energy to start the bike. For detailed specifications please refer to the specification table.

[Optional accessories: coordinated front and rear rack] Whether you are riding it for daily commuting or for longer-distance road trips, the exclusive METRONEER front-wheel rack, front carrier, and rear rack always accommodate and secure your belongings firmly on your bike.

On account of the invention of the PAS system for e-bikes, people can now discover even more possibilities with single speeds. If you need a detailed quote on the

Electric Urban Bike

(EU-700), please feel free to contact us.
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