Electric Bike Urban

Based on EU-1.0's specifications, EU-3.0 Electric Bike Urban shares most of the features with EU-1.0, but built with low step-through frame and a regular wheel base for installing a child seat. The EU-3.0 also has a folding stem, so as to reduce storage space while making it loadable inside an SUV trunk.
  • Electric Bike Urban - EU-3.0
Electric Bike Urban - EU-3.0 Electric Bike Urban - EU-3.0
Based on the features provided by the EU-1.0 series, METRONEER presents the EU-3.0 series, allowing you to embark on a casual family trip with a comfort bike.

[Step-through frame] EU-3.0’s low step-through frame makes it easier for you to get on and off.

[Compact and portable] Why not take your EU-3.0 on a family road trip? It is equipped with a folding handlebar stem that ensures it fits into the rear trunk of your SUV.

[Longer-lasting power] The in-tube 365Wh Lith-ion battery supports at least 30 km (of steep hills) or 70 km (of flat surfaces) of mileage.
[Ride with kids] EU-3.0 is specifically designed for young parents with their little ones. Given its longer chainstay length, parents can install a child seat on the rear carrier and take their kids on a casual ride.

[Upgrade for a better experience] Like all the bikes in the EU-1.0 series, EU-3.0 also provides upgrades, including a detachable 537Wh battery, a more powerful mid-drive motor, an internal 3-speed hub, and exclusive METRONEER Chain Loopers which keep your outfit neat and clean. We also made an upgrade on the disc brakes from mechanic to hydraulic for better braking, and a normal type of seat-post to suspension type to enhance comfort.

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Electric Bike Urban

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