Throttle Assist E Bike

E-Mover Plus/Supreme
We are still seeing great demand for Throttle Assist E Bike in multiple regions for different purposes, which is why we developed the E Mover series. They are equipped with powerful 48V 500W motors. For the pedal assist version -- E-Mover Plus (a rear hub motor integrated with internal 5-speed gears) can be activated either by the pedals or the throttle.
  • Throttle Assist E Bike - E-Mover Plus/Supreme
Throttle Assist E Bike - E-Mover Plus/Supreme Throttle Assist E Bike - E-Mover Plus/Supreme
E-Mover Plus is designed to flexibly fit regulations in different regions in the world. For EU countries where speed limit is more than 25km/hr, it can be equipped with 36V 250W hub motor with internal 5-speed gears. While for other countries, it can be a powerful 48V 500W motor to go as fast as 45km/hr.

[Travel further and safer] The E-mover series mopeds has a patented dual detachable battery integrated frame, not only making them fancier but reducing the frequency of recharging. Given E-mover’s higher speed limit, thru-axles are installed for safety and better stability.

[A moped with pedals] The E-Mover Plus has all the features of the E-mover, except it has a pedal-assist system. It can either be powered by the throttle or the pedal, depending on the rider’s needs.

[Rear hub motor with internal gears] The Plus version has two rear hub options available. One is a powerful 48V500W rear hub motor with through type axle like the standard E-Mover, and the other is a 36V250W rear hub motor that fits the standards of pedal-assist e-bikes in the EU. The rear hub has an additional internal 5-speed gear, allowing you to ride at ease even without the assistance of power.

[Upgrade for a better experience] With an internal 5-speed gear and mid-drive motor, E-Mover Supreme has a 80NM mid-drive motor system that allows you to climb onto hills with the slightest effort. Plus, with internal gears, you can shift the gears at a brief stop, and save you energy to start the bike. For detailed specifications please refer to the specification table.
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Throttle Assist E Bike

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