Tilting Electric Tricycle

With a tilting two-front-wheel mechanism, the most sought-after feature on a tricycle but the hardest to design, the Tilting Electric Tricycle, EU-7.0 is a very agile and nimble tricycle. This mechanism also always keeps the wheels to the ground even during speedy turns.
  • Tilting Electric Tricycle - EU-7.0
[Agile and stable] EU-7.0 Plus has a pair of front wheels to which a tilting mechanism is adopted. This allows stable turnings without being lifted from the ground even during speedy rides.

[Friendly to all sizes of riders] EU-7.0 Plus not only has an adjustable seat post but an adjustable stem. Feel free to adjust the stem height to your best sitting position.

[Keeps you seated all the time] The two front wheels of EU-7.0 Plus also come with a parking brake to help you remain seated despite temporarily stopping for a traffic light.

[Optional 2nd battery + 7-speed gear=Extra range] In addition to a 7-speed gear included in the basic features, you also get an optional 2nd 487Wh battery to extend the distance of your rides.

[Upgrade for better experience] EU-7.0 Supreme is equipped with an internal 5-speed gear, so you can shift gears at a brief stop before a traffic light, saving you energy to re-start the trike. Better yet, METRONEER’s exclusive Chain Loopers protect your nice outfit from stains. It also has a suspension seat post for more comfort. Instead of mechanical brakes, hydraulic disc brakes are also used in Supreme for the sake of forceful braking and better safety.

[Optional second battery] Since EU-7.0 has two 487Wh battery sockets on the frame, why not upgrade for an optional second battery that can extend the distance of your rides?

[Optional accessories: coordinated front and rear carrier] EU-7.0 Plus offers exclusive front and rear carriers to carry child seats, pet carriers, or bags with you.

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Tilting Electric Tricycle

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