Electric Urban Bicycle

Thinking of going on a tour with your e-bike? The EU-730 Electric Urban Bicycle is more than just an everyday bike. It has a large capacity portable battery that allows a higher range than EU-700.
  • Electric Urban Bicycle - EU-730
Electric Urban Bicycle - EU-730 Electric Urban Bicycle - EU-730 Electric Urban Bicycle - EU-730
[Not just for commuters] You might need a bike not just for commuting but also as a means of transport for a road trip. EU-730 is the e-bike that would support you for either purpose.

[Travel further and anywhere] EU-730 has a 7-speed derailleur(Plus) / 3-speed internal gear(Supreme) and a detachable 537Wh Lith-ion battery supporting distant rides of at least 60 km on entirely steep hills or up to 80 km on entirely flat surfaces. If you need to ride for long-distance trips, getting an extra detachable battery is also recommended.

[Step-through frame available] Is "easy-to-hop-on-and-off" a feature you like to have on your bike? EU-700 offers a step-through frame option for families share the bike on different days.

[Upgrade for a better experience] Enjoy a stain-free bike ride with EU-730 Supreme. The exclusive METRONEER Chain Loopers keep the chain grease from staining your nice outfit. With a powerful mid-drive motor and suspension fork, riding steep climbs with EU-730 is just easier and more comfortable than ever. It also has an internal 3-speed hub allowing you to shift the gears at a brief stop, and save you energy to start the bike. For detailed specifications please refer to the specification table. 

[Optional accessories: coordinated front and rear rack] Whether you are riding it for daily commuting or for longer-distance road trips, the exclusive METRONEER front-wheel rack, front carrier, and rear rack always accommodate and secure your belongings firmly on your bike.

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Electric Urban Bicycle

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