Long Tail E Bike

EU-3.5 is an Long Tail E Bike that has a sturdy longer rear carrier that can carry cargo with dual portable batteries to support a longer range. This long-tail bike has an adequate rear chainstay length, which we found best to fit in urban settings.
  • Long Tail E Bike - EU-3.5
[Functional and agile] You might have thought of buying a long-tail bike to carry your kids or goods. In order not to diminish the nimbleness, which is one of the key features of an urban bike, we came up with a mid-tail frame design for EU-3.5. Keeping the advantages of a long-tail and a compact bike, EU-3.5’s mid-tail design is just the perfect size to roam the city streets. With a rear carrier welded to the frame, the bike bears more weight and is much more robust and sturdy compared to those with assembled carriers. Check out some of the optional accessories we offer for EU-3.5 to discover its infinite potential.

[Step-through frame] EU-3.5’s low step-through frame makes it easier for you to get on and off.

[Powerful and persistent] To support longer distance rides, EU-3.5 is equipped with a 7-speed derailleur and provides an optional second detachable 487Wh Lith-ion battery. With a dual battery system, EU-3.5 can be supported to at least 120 km (of steep hills) or 280 km (of flat surfaces) of mileage.

[Upgrade for a better experience] Enjoy a stain-free bike ride with EU-3.5 Supreme. The exclusive METRONEER Chain Loopers keep the chain grease from staining your nice outfit, and a powerful mid-drive motor. Riding steep climbs with EU-3.5 is just easier than ever. It has an internal 5-speed hub allowing you to shift the gears at a brief stop, and save you energy to start the bike. In addition, hydraulic disc brakes are installed for better braking, and a suspension seat-post is for more comfort. For detailed specifications please refer to the specification table.

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Long Tail E Bike

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