Urban Electric Bicycle

Living in a city where you always have to ride over slope after slope? This Urban Electric Bicycle EU-5.0 would be a great company to travel with to such cities like San Francisco and Seattle with long steep slope.
  • Urban Electric Bicycle - EU-5.0
Urban Electric Bicycle - EU-5.0 Urban Electric Bicycle - EU-5.0
[Powerful and persistent] METRONEER EU-5.0 has a big capacity battery and a powerful 48V 500W rear-drive motor. Its fully integrated detachable 728Wh battery is equipped to help you ride faster and further.

[Pedal and throttle, dual power assist] EU-5.0 is considered to meet riders specifically in the U. S. as e-bike regulations allow both pedal-assist and throttle installed. With pedaling and throttling both enabled, EU-5.0 saves you strength for a long journey.

[Safety Assured] We consider safety as an essential element with regard to EU-5.0’s high-speed range. On that account, it has forceful hydraulic disc brakes and thru-axles on both front and rear wheel to assure speedy and safe rides.

[Ride with comfort] A suspension fork and a 10-speed derailleur support comfortable rides at a longer distance.


Urban Electric Bicycle

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